5 Things To Consider Before Buying A Bed sheet For Your Room

Things to Consider for Fitted Bedsheets

A bed sheet which was a necessity in your bedroom is now considered as a matter of aesthetic appeal. Today, most people buy bed sheets for their room according to their personal taste and moods. The kind of bed sheets you lay says a lot about your personality. A designer bed sheet always adds a stylish twist to your bedroom. Here are things you should consider before buying a bed sheet for your room

#1 Size

Single, double, queen, king, choose your bed sheet based on the size of your bed. Measure the depth of your mattress and add 2 inches on each side as you need adequate fabric to tuck it in. If you are buying cotton bed sheets, buy a bigger size as it shrinks over a period of time.

#2 Fabric

There is a wide range of bed sheets available right from pure cotton to poly cotton and blended ones. In a country like India, cotton bed sheets are highly recommended as they are cool and comfortable.

A pure cotton bed sheet is the most expensive one. The quality, softness and its anti allergic properties are what makes this fabric unmatched. The only problem is that they shrink over a period of time.

An Egyptian cotton bed sheet is durable and one of the premium bed sheet variants. These bed sheets do not pill (fluff formed on old fabrics) and shed lint.

A pure polyester bed sheet is the most affordable option available but the problem is that it is hard to remove stains from this type of bed sheet.

A silk bed sheet, as the name suggests, is very smooth and long lasting but it requires care or else the fabric loses its shine and it eventually shrinks.

There are a lot of other bed sheets online but you must pick one based on the climatic conditions of your area.

#3 Plain or printed

If you have prints or decorative designs on your furniture & wallsthen opt for plain bed sheets. Similarly if you have plain furniture & no decor on walls go for printed bed sheets to add some jazz.

#4 Pattern

Patterns vary from florals to stripes, solids to checks & much more when it comes to bed sheets. However, 3D patterns is the new entrant in the world of patterns for bed sheets. A 3D bed sheet gives a whole new look and enhances the interiors of your room. The prints on 3D bed sheets look life like and add an element to your bed room.

#5 Thread Count and Weave type

Thread count is the quantity of threads woven in one square inch. In terms of thread count, higher thread count means superior quality. You must choose bed sheets with a minimum thread count of 140.

Different types of weaves explained –

Standard weave with a minimum thread count of 150 is considered soft and smooth.

Satin weave is silky and soft but it lacks durability.

Twill weave is a little heavy but there are lesser chances of wrinkles.

Jacquard and damask woven bed sheets are highly intricate in terms of design and are considered to be a premium variant.